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Bob Whelan,: Super Natural Strength

Super Natural Strength


"Super Natural Strength is a great source of information for anyone who wants real drug-free strength training, without hype, fads, worthless supplements or training advice from steroid users." --Dick Conner, Powerlifting Coach, (Multiple National Champion), Strength Expert -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "In an era where trends and training fallacy run ramped, 'Maximum' Bob Whelan has stepped up and provided rock-solid information in his new book, SUPER NATURAL STRENGTH. Bob's candid, no-nonsense approach to training will unquestionably leave an indelible mark on the strength world as he shares his years of experience on all aspects of physical culture." --Fred Fornicola, Strength/Conditioning Coach, Strength Writer/Author -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Have you ever wondered how much real world experience some authors have when they write articles and books about weight training and weight lifting? Who is that person behind the computer or typewriter? What do they really know about the Iron Game? If you picked up this book, SUPER NATURAL STRENGTH by Bob Whelan, you have definately come to the RIGHT place." --Osmo Kiiha, Editor, The Iron Master ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "The one word that best describes Bob Whelan is HONEST. Super Natural Strength is a wealth of information about training the RIGHT WAY." --Drew Israel, Co-Author Iron Nation, Passion for Hard Training ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Super Natural Strength is literally a gold mine of strength training information that is the nuts and bolts of what is necessary for someone to get big and strong. Bob's works are synonymous with Common Sense Strength Training. Needless to say, I highly recommend this book to be a part of every iron warrior's library." --Bill Piche, Editor, ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "Bob Whelan's mantra of 'No Toning, No Chrome, No Bull, ' rips through the pages of Super Natural Strength in gale force fashion. You can feel the intensity, inspiration, emotion, and commitment to hard, productive training grip your attention like the knurling on your favorite bar. If you were introduced to strength training in a musty cellar that was lit with a single light bulb, a floor covered with paint chips from the corroded stone walls, and accessorized with implements covertly manufactured in the local steel mill, then you possess the pre-requisite mind-set for this truly outstanding work of training science and art."--Ken Mannie, Head Strength/Conditioning Coach, Michigan State University ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "SUPER NATURAL STRENGTH is a wonderful source of honest information, especially for those who train drug-free. It cuts through the fads and hype, and provides a wealth of guidance that really works. I was very happy to have had Bob as one of my main writers for about 10 years -- he was one of my rocks. His book is comprised of his HARDGAINER articles, and thus expresses the "basics, 'breviated and best" drug-free philosophy that the magazine taught. I strongly endorse this outstanding source of rock-solid information." --Stuart McRobert, Author of Brawn, Publisher/Editor of Hardgainer Magazine ------------------------------------------------------- *** Visit us and see all of our books at Physical Culture ***

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Author: Bob Whelan,
Number of Pages: 394 pages
Published Date: 20 Dec 2011
Publisher: Createspace
Publication Country: North Charleston SC, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781468083347
Download Link: Click Here

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